Plinko game - a review and an up-to-date mirror

First, for cryptocurrency casinos, and now on many other online gaming resources, the Plinko slot began to gain popularity. This fun game was created based on the concept of the popular TV show "The Price is Right", in which participants had to guess the prices of goods. Using the same principle, the developers of BGAMING managed to create a slot machine with a conceptually new game scheme.

Plinko game - a review and an up-to-date mirror

What ultimately came out of this can be judged by the growing popularity of the novelty, by the state of the user rating of the game. However, first things first!

The idea and principle of the game

The player needs to throw the ball into the playing field. After that, the ball, overcoming obstacles, must roll to the bottom of the pyramid, occupying one of the cells. Each cell has its own coefficient, which will determine the amount of winnings.

Based on the principle of the popular Japanese game of pachinko, which resembles a vertical pinball. No special skills are required from the participants. Place your bets, choose the number of rows and launch the ball into the game.

Skittles are placed on the playing field, which act as an obstacle. Depending on the level of difficulty, the number of pins may vary. The more obstacles, the thicker they are placed on the playing field and vice versa, the fewer pins, respectively, and they are less often placed. Obstacles are placed in the form of a pyramid, whose apex is directed upwards.

Now about what these skittles are for.

After the start of the round, a ball falls from the top shelf, which collides with the pins, choosing a further trajectory of the fall. At the base of the pyramid is a panel with coefficients - multipliers. The result of the round depends on which cell the ball falls into. The bet is multiplied by the coefficient, making it clear how much the winnings are.

The ball can be launched manually or use the autorun option. A distinctive feature of the game is that the cells at the bottom of the pyramid have different coefficients. In the center they are minimal, but closer to the corners, the coefficients become large. Accordingly, the size of the winnings is determined by where the ball hit, in the center of the base of the pyramid or rolled to the corner.

Moreover, the number of cells and the size of the coefficients involved in the game can be increased by the number of rows involved in the game. In fact, every round in the game can be a win. The game can be used from 8 to 16 rows, as well as volatility, the level of which is also determined by the player.

The key to success in Plinko

Before us is a classic version of gambling, with the difference that the result is not determined by a random number generator. The ball jumps around the playing field randomly. However, the player is able to manage the risks and the size of the possible winnings.

In other words, participants can independently control the volatility of winnings using one or another gaming strategy. The greater the volatility, the greater the size of the possible payouts. However, the risk of quickly emptying your bankroll in this case increases.

The key to success in this game is to control your bank and try to finish playing until the volatility allows you to win more often and in larger amounts.

The game allows three levels of risk: low, medium and high. The size of the winnings can be judged from the data in the following table

Number of rows Low risk 0,5x High risk
8 – 5,6x 0,4x – 13x 0,2x – 29x
9 – 5,6x 0,5x - 18x -
10 - 8,9x 0,4x - 22x 0,2x - 76x
11 0,7x - 8,4x 0,5x - 24x 0,2x - 120x
12 - 10x 0,3x - - 170x
13 0,7x - 8,1x 0,4x - - 260x
14 - 420x -
15 - 15x 0,3x - - 620x
16 - 16x 0,3x - 110x 0,2x - 1000x Oyun

Game parameters. Management

Before the start of each round, players choose the number of rows. The mechanism of the game itself depends on the number of rows. More rows, more pins on the playing field. Accordingly, the trajectory of the fall of the ball changes, increasing the risks in the game.

Plinko game parameters. Management

In fact, Plinko is an example of fair play. The results of each round are random and unbiased. Players are able to independently check how fair each round was played. Experienced players claim that the casino has a very small advantage in this game. Approximately 1-2%. Therefore, the percentage of return, the notorious RTP in the Plinko game is very high, reaching a value of 99%.

Taking into account the game parameters, a little should be said about the rules of the game. Players can use the following functions to control the process:

  • automatic bets. This option allows game participants to place bets in the game in auto mode. Those. the number of launched balls is automatically set, respectively, there will be several results at once.
  • hot and main keys. Through these buttons, players control the game by placing bets manually. For example, a space on the virtual keyboard launches the ball, minimizing the number of bets. .
  • fast rate. You can play with or without animation, allowing you to start the game faster.

How to play Plinko on

Due to its growing popularity, Plinko is now at the top of many gaming portals. For example, on, this game is clearly among the favorites. The main reason for such popularity is the simple gameplay, fairness and wide opportunities for players. Players like to play by managing their own bankroll and setting their own level of risk.

How to play Plinko on

Now about how you can play Plinko. Let's start with the fact that the game is available in free mode. The demo version allows you to master the rules of the game, try out the game strategy in practice. There is no need to register to participate in the free game. To download a demo, just click on the game.

If you already have enough experience and there is a desire to earn real money, in this case you need to register on the Stake portal and replenish your game account with one of the game currencies or make a deposit in the crypt.

You can do this in the following ways:

  • enter your personal account in the "wallet" section. Select the "deposit" option.
  • choose a convenient payment method. There are different methods to choose from, including Visa and MasterCard bank cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay payment services. Various in-game currencies are available for account replenishment, including such popular cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin and a number of others.
  • on the payment page, enter the required amount and click the "send" option.

After that, you can move on to the game for real, making bets in real currency. Plinko gets a lot of attention on the Stake portal. The majority of customers who are interested in this game can count on comprehensive assistance from the technical support service. Technical support staff resolves issues related to deposits, resolves disputes that arose during the game itself.

Promotions in the game Plinko

In addition to the main game for money, promotional offers may still be available in this game. For example! Promotion "Rain Promo" A certain number of free bets are available to players as part of this offer. The player can receive free bets from the casino through online chat at any time. To take part in this promotion, just click the "get" button in the chat.

Promotions in the game Plinko

The promotion is carried out for promotional purposes, allowing you to increase the level of interaction of players in the chat during the game.

There is another option to take part in the game at the expense of the casino. For active participation, the game portal can provide players with commission bets that can be used during subsequent rounds.

Plinko game. Pros and cons

In view of the high popularity of the game, I would like to dwell on its pluses. According to experienced players who have already managed to experience all the delights of the game in practice, they note the following advantages:

  • simple and understandable rules;
  • incredible fairness of the game, in which the RTP reaches the highest value of 99%;
  • volatility in the game is regulated by the players themselves;
  • x1000 odds available. One can only imagine how many times the bet made can increase.

As for the cons, there are none as such. The only nuance that many pay attention to is the lack of publicity. Far from all gaming portals and modern online casinos list the Plinko game in their catalogs today.

Playing Plinko from a Mobile Phone

For players who prefer to play games of chance from a mobile phone, a mobile version of the Plinko game is available. The developers have equipped this slot with a mobile version, so you can play not only through a browser on your computer.

The slot is perfectly loaded on smartphones with Android and iOS operating systems, and the game interface perfectly adapts to the size of current smartphones.

The mobile application is available for free, and the correct download allows you to immediately launch the game on your smartphone.

Play Plinko on your computer, play on your smartphone. The odds in this game are always high! We wish you good fun and moreover, good money.